Nineteenth-century Naples was a modern and cosmopolitan reality. At the time, in fact, Naples was one of the most important cities in the world, a cultural and technological development center, just like London and Paris. In such a context, the image, expressed with clothing and hairstyles, was essential to determine one’s social status. The capera therefore played a decisive role. Our company was born from this imagination and from everything that the figure of the goat represents: craftsmanship, the deep bond with the territory, innovation, empathy, emotion.


Our values, those in which we firmly believe and which we carry forward day after day within these walls and beyond, are transparency, sharing, team spirit, innovation, customer focus, passion and eco-sustainability. Ideas that turn into products, hair care formulas and more. Lines designed for men and women, with healthy and natural ingredients combined with sensory aromas: The Lord, The Doll and The Evergreen, made with love by Kapera.

Kapera Experience

Image consulting, hair care, training and sharing: these are the elements of our core business that we carry forward every day with all the innovative spirit that distinguishes us. An innovation that does not forget to pass through tradition as revealed by the nineteenth-century frescoes and the wooden paneling that welcomes visitors into the warm and welcoming atmosphere of our hair salon.

Attraverso le porte nobiliari che incorniciano gli specchi del salone, ci si immerge nell’immaginario senza tempo di una Napoli magica e misteriosa. Il tutto in contrapposizione con la forte struttura in ferro che contraddistingue l’intero complesso Brin 69, un edificio e una ex fabbrica, anch’essi pieni di storia e di fascino. Le storie spesso si trasformano in sogni. Ed eccoci ritornati al punto di partenza, il punto in cui nasce il sogno di Kapera.

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